The Strongest Gym in Laramie

  1. Image-18With this assignment we were given the opportunity to make a video towards a specific event or short story. We were given the chance to either do a promotional or journalistic approach to our video. The story needed to cover a specific topic and required two interviews minimum to describe the video’s content. The event we reported on was the new addition at the local gym in town Laramie Fitness. We took a promotional approach to this story and promoted the gyms new addition and throughout the video explain what the new addition has to offer.


  1. Image-17I enjoyed mainly conducting the interviews and covering a story I was very interested in. Laramie Fitness is a fantastic gym for all athletes and the new addition is second to none. It was very useful using I Movie and I loved playing around with the video edits to let our interviewers tell the story. It almost made you feel like you created a finished work of art after all the edits were complete. What I did not enjoy was having to teach myself everything about using I Movie from the beginning. This was my first time using the software and I really was just guessing on how to edit and cut all my clips. It caused the process to be a lot longer than it needed to be, but the next time I make a video I will have a very clear understanding to how to use I Movie.


  1. What surprised me was how long it really takes to put together a solid video. Time was very valuable during this process and I did not realize how much time it would truly take to make a complete video with all the edits it required. What I wish I could have done differently is have used I Movie earlier, so the process of editing would have gone much smoother. Other than that I was very happy with how my first video turned out and felt it was very informative and told a very interesting story, as well promoted the new addition to Laramie Fitness very well.


  1. In my future career I see myself using video for many promotional reasons. With going into publishing or sales after graduation, I see myself using video to promote the company I am working for. I may not be the one editing and putting together the video, but I could see myself being the one to conduct interviews. By having this experience, I plan and want to use video much more in the career field I land in.

Here is the link to our Laramie Fitness Promotional Video.


Reflection of Past Work

After reviewing my First Blog Post, I was able to reflect and see how greatly my writing style and structure of blogs have changed over the semester.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.25.51 AM

Screen shot of my first blog post assignment this semester.

A. Coming into this class I expected to learn skills towards creating an engaging blog posts and various writing structures. I expected to learn production styles geared towards social media and how to brand myself as well my personal blog.

B. The skills I learned in class were towards structuring my blog posts. My first few blog posts had a very serious tone and almost sounded like a research paper. I learned how to structure my writing style to be conversational. In my posts all the photos I used were placed in awkward areas and they didn’t have captions to support each photo. Through practice and patients, I was able to restructure my writing style to be more conversational, as well clean up my blog posts to look very professional and easy to read.

C. Soft skills I learned in this class definitely had to be listening well. The first couple of blog post assignments I would just dive right into writing them instead of reading the rubric in depth, or asking questions to clarify the assignment. With this soft skill I have learned and by practicing listening well it helped me greatly. By constantly re reading the rubric to each blog post, as well arranging office hours to go over the assignments, it resulted into an easier understanding of each project. After doing this I saw a significant boost in my overall grade and an increase in points earned towards each blog post.

D. In a future career listening well is everything. If I were to go into journalism and was given an assignment for a feature article, I need to listen to everything my boss wants me to do in order to meet all the requirements needed. Listening well will increase my job performance, as well overall knowledge regarding my position.

E. I found the Google My Map assignment the most meaningful, due to it was regarding a topic I find extremely interesting, as well take a passion towards. Creating a Google Map and customizing it to my liking made the assignment extremely fun to be very creative in the process of completely the blog post.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.28.04 AM

Screen shot of the Google My Map blog post assignment.

F. The assignment that was most challenging had to be the Creative Devices assignment, due to I rarely practice photography. Let alone I did not know the different creative devices to shoot photos at. By studying and learning all the creative devices for the first time, it was a little challenging to put my knowledge into the work of my photos. After I got the hang of knowing which creative devices to use and through practice, it made taking the photos and explaining the creative devices used in them a bit easier.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.31.29 AM

Screen shot of the Creative Devices blog post assignment.

G. I was very happy with how everything worked out in this course, but if I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be to pay attention to every detail on the rubrics of each blog post. There were many little details in the rubric that if you missed, it could lower your overall percentage of that assignment. These little things were very easy to accomplish in the blog post, but missing them can change the outcome of your score a whole letter grade. All together it was an extremely enjoyable and great course to take and I am happy with the skills I have acquired.

Social Media Promotion

A) I have used Instagram since I was 15 years old and normally have posted the average pictures on my profile. On my profile I would post family, friends, or vacations I have been on. I have used Instagram for promotional reasons before, but not to this extent. I was the head of social media for UW’s powerlifting team Northman Power, but promotion on that page was much different than this assignment.

This was my first time using Canva, but the experience was very enjoyable in my opinion. Creating your own advertisement for a photo that you personally captured made you proud of the finished work. Getting the hang of using Canva took some time, but the app is very easy to use after some practice.

B) Promotional strategies I aimed for when creating my Instagram post related to the fonts and colors towards my Canva post. The photo I used was from a metal concert at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO. The font I used was more squared off to give it a sharper look relating to the atmosphere. Since the photo was a very dark shot I decided to use white as my text color, so the words would really pop across the picture.

C) Using Instagram to promote each of my blog post was much more challenging than I anticipated. With each caption and photo, you really have to break down the approach you would like to take. You want to gain your audience’s attention, but not have a very average post for promoting each photo.


D) What surprised me in this assignment was researching hashtags to see which tags work best to promote each photo accordingly. With having a fitness promotional post, I used hashtags such as #training to promote my post. The training hashtag had 86.5 million posts to go along with it, so it was a very valuable hashtag to use in promoting my post.

E) I see myself using social media very often in my professional future. I would like to go into the line of work of sales or journalism, so social media could play a big role in promoting the company I will work for. Social media being at an all time high right now and continuing to grow will serve as a great platform to use in business in the future.

I have listed a screenshot of my Instagram page above, as well have attached the link to My Instagram Profile here.


Tweeting in Action

Dave Barry’s Talk Review:

Twitter has been shown to be used all around the world and even a big factor now in presidential elections. People will use Twitter to let their voices be heard, or to report upon certain events. This assignment required picking a certain event at the University of Wyoming campus and reporting ten tweets at that event. The event I reported on was award-winning author Dave Barry. University of Wyoming Libraries honored Dave Barry, as well hosted a book signing after his talk. Dave Barry presented on April 18th at 1:30p.m. in the Wyoming union ballroom. Tweets regarding Dave Barry’s talk is located on my Twitter page.

I decided to use a promotional approach on this assignment due to this being a speaking event. I felt it would make more sense and flow my tweets better if it was promotional over a journalistic approach. Having my tweets not be cheerleading the event, but more reporting what is actually happening during the talk.

With this assignment, I enjoyed attending a UW event other than a sporting event. The only events on campus I will attend are football or basketball games. This definitely was a change up to my normal campus attendance and I truly enjoyed hearing Dave Barry speak. The one thing I did not enjoy was the interviews. It felt a bit awkward asking two random people to share their thoughts on the event. This was probably good for me to get out of my comfort zone but it was still a little uncomfortable to do. After the interviews were complete, I felt much better towards the assignment and the talk going forward.

What I learned during this assignment, was that Dave Barry has a much older audience than I would have thought. Being in the ballroom, I was the only person under 50 years’ old which made me feel a little out of place. I as well learned how to structure promotional style tweets. I have never done a promotional style tweet so this was a big learning experience for me. What surprised me was how quick you can miss a great quote a speaker says when live tweeting. Instead of listening to the talk as well being on my phone to write tweets, I had to take notes on paper of what the speaker was saying before I made a live tweet. What I wish I could have done differently was finding a better event to attend. Due to I felt the content and humor was way out of my age range. When people around me would laugh at the jokes Dave Barry said, I would not understand the sense of humor. It definitely was an interesting talk to attend, but if I were to do something differently next time it would be to research a speaker more in depth to find one that interest me more and fits my age group.

In my future career, whether it is going into PR, sales, or journalism I can see social media playing a large part. With today’s day and age, everyone has some sort of a social media account. It is a big way many people will communicate and stay up to date with each other in business as well socially. When talking to my father regarding his business, he told me that almost everything is done through email or social media. Through this new style of business, I can see social media playing a huge role, whether to communicate with customers or compete against other competitors. Social media is only growing bigger every day, so it would be very important to use social media in the future career field I go towards.

Quality Over Quantity


For many serious athletes all around the globe, they have all at least once dealt with inconvenient commercial gyms and their pointless policies. For those who don’t know what a commercial gym is, they are standard training facilities for your everyday gym attendee. These gyms are the 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness chains. Travis Hiner a novice powerlifter as well Torrance, California local states, “Commercial gyms rarely have weights organized and equipment will remain broken for extended periods of time.” In Los Angeles, CA there are many gyms all around, but there are some gyms that individuals shouldn’t even step foot in the door. This blog post will provide valuable information on which gyms in Los Angeles are the best to attend over your everyday commercial gym. The information listed will be relevant to serious athletes looking to leave the commercial gym setting and find a new gym that fits their training needs. I have created a Google My Map that pin points five of the greatest training facilities located in Los Angeles from personal experience. I have been to many gyms all around Los Angeles, many gyms to remember and many gyms to forget. I have broken down the five training facilities I found to be the best to attend over a standard commercial gym.

South Bay Strength Company


Summer 2018, at South Bay Strength. One of the many motivational quotes on the walls in the gym.

South Bay Strength is a newly opened training facility that is targeted towards some of the strongest powerlifters and bodybuilders around the South Bay. With the gym being placed in an old department store, it is crammed tight of barbells and extremely loud music bouncing off the walls. The gym is open 24/7 to the public and once a member you are granted a key to the facility. Whether it is 11:00p.m. or 5:00a.m., if you are a member, then South bay Strength is open for you. Hiner states, “Almost every barbell, band and chain can be found in South Bay Strength. Serious lifters train here. Play your own music and be as loud as you’d like.” This is a gym that was created to be the opposite of your average commercial gym.


Barbell Brigade


Myself standing in front of the iconic Barbell Brigade gym logo. At the gym training during summer of 2016.

Barbell Brigade is considered as the Disneyland of a training facility geared towards powerlifting and olympic lifting. It is a hot spot for top ranked powerlifters to attend regularly for training sessions. The gym is very well known to be one of the first powerlifting and olympic lifting targeted gyms in Los Angeles. With multiple barbells, deadlift platforms and even a turf field, it is an ideal gym for a well-rounded athlete to attend. It as well is a very motivating gym to be in, while training amongst some of the best powerlifters in the world.


Metroflex Gym


Summer 2017, in front of my favorite wall art in Metroflex. Verse Philippians 4:13 quoted in the painting.

Metroflex has been well known for many years to come. The first Metroflex that opened was in Arlington, Texas and is still considered one of the hardest gyms around. Long Beach Metroflex is extremely similar to the original. With the gym being built in an old warehouse, it is dirty, loud and offers all old school equipment to be used. Metroflex isn’t just geared towards powerlifters or bodybuilders. With a MMA fighting octagon located in the middle of the gym, as well atlas stones and tractor tires in the back for the strongmen, Metroflex is a gym that offers a hardcore atmosphere for all different training styles. Anyone who is looking for a well-rounded gym that is open to all styles of training, then Metroflex is for you.



Iron Addicts Gym


Summer 2018, in Iron Addicts Gym during a training session. One of the many great quotes on their walls.

Iron Addicts can be described by one person and one person only, CT Fletcher. For those who do not know who CT is, he is a man who has held many world recorders in the bench press, as well the strict curl. He is one of the most inspiring and motivating people in the fitness industry. CT created Iron Addicts to provide a hardcore training atmosphere to the public that he enjoys. Iron Addicts goal is to be the complete opposite of a commercial gym. It is dirty, loud and uses old school beat up equipment to give everyone a hardcore feel for the gym. With Iron Addicts intense atmosphere, it is a gym that doesn’t have a special spa bathroom to enjoy after every training day. It is a gym to push the body beyond limits and the only reward granted after a workout is to have the opportunity to do it all over again tomorrow.


Gold’s Gym Venice


Myself and my father standing in front of the legendary Gold’s Gym logo. In the gym training during summer of 2016.

Gold’s Gym Venice is known as the meca for bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the face behind what Gold’s Gym is about. If you know Arnold’s story in bodybuilding and his intense training methods, then you could imagine what Gold’s Gym atmosphere has to offer. With part of the gym located outside, it is a perfect place for a summer workout under the sun. With Gold’s various equipment and intense crowd, it is a great place for bodybuilders all around to enjoy a workout. With many bodybuilders’ alike in a single place, it makes for a great atmosphere instead of being a singled out athlete in a regular commercial gym.


Commercial gyms can be inconvenient to attend with the various rules they have against heavy lifting, chalk and even grunting. Hiner states, “In my opinion, a hardcore training facility is a place where people go to lift their hearts out and push themselves beyond their limits.” With the five gyms I have listed above from personal experience, they will not hold your workouts back with pointless policies. Gyms with experienced athletes who attend regularly, will only benefit you to expand knowledge and increase progress in your fitness goals. The next time you or someone is thinking about joining or switching to a hardcore gym in the Los Angeles area, refer to the Google My Map for locations.

An Impactful Experience at a Young Age

Raw audio recording of Tony Ramos, my father regarding his experience during his sophomore year playing high school football:

Revised Audio Recording of Tony Ramos:


My interviewing experience was very interesting and pushed me a little out of my comfort zone using the audio recorder. I decided to interview my dad, due to he has some of the greatest stories from his childhood. I knew after hearing about this assignment that he would be perfect to tell a story that influenced his life.

Compared to interviewing a stranger, the tension was lifted a little when sitting down with my father. This helped the interview process go a little easier, but using the audio recorder was a little different then a normal face to face interview.

Using an audio recorder makes the interview seem a little tense in my opinion. It makes the interviewer a little uncomfortable by having everything they say on record. My audio editing experience was difficult due to this was my first time ever editing an audio clip.

In my audio editing experience, I did enjoy cutting the interview down from five minutes to two minutes. Playing around with cutting and zooming the clip was fun to change the interview in the ways I felt were the best parts of the story. It definitely is an art and a skill to edit audio clips and I hope to gain more experience in the future in editing.


My father, Tony Ramos after our interview. Taking the portrait photo was very easy and turned out great to show his personality in the audio recording.

Nothing really surprised me during this assignment except for how much actual time it takes to edit the raw audio clip. Cutting three minutes down from a five-minute interview was difficult due to there was some material I did not want to take out of the interview. Once the clip was finished though I couldn’t be happier with the final audio clip.

The main thing I wish I did differently was knowing about the introduction for my interviewer before recording. I conducted my interview in California over spring break, so I won’t be able to get another face to face interview with my dad. This was my fault by missing this information when reading the rubric. I decided to do the introduction myself as best as possible and just be docked a few points towards my final grade.

Something else I wished I did differently is knowing how to work GarageBand prior to this assignment. Being new to this app it was difficult to operate at first, but knowing more about the editing process beforehand would have saved me time, as well maybe even a better outcome to my audio recording.

I defiantly want to continue using audio in my future career. My goal in the near future is to be working in journalism or sales regarding outdoor furniture and grills. In this industry there aren’t many podcast by manufactures or publishers. I want to be someone to start a podcast regarding outdoor patio furniture and grilling and speak to different manufactures about their products on my podcast. Most of the information found on outdoor patio furniture and grilling are all through magazines or online articles. A podcast would provide a greater target audience to those who rather listen over reading. It as well produces more content for the industry which is a huge help for the manufactures who are selling their products. All together I felt this was a great assignment and I gained a lot of experience doing my audio recording, as well editing.

Increasing Strength Through Nutrition

Increasing physical performance is tied to the foods you eat.

For strength athletes or endurance athletes, nutrition plays a critical role in upping performance as well overall health. Whether an individual competes in CrossFit, powerlifting or bodybuilding, nutrition is extremely critical in all three sports.


CrossFit is a sport that has a mixture of different exercising techniques. Workouts are based on jumping rope, heavy squats, rowing, biking and calisthenics (such as pull-ups and pushups).


Pull up bar and TRX ropes shown, where many calisthenics workouts will occur.

All of these exercises are mixed into one workout with very limited rest, which will be very harsh on the body for recovering.

To increase the speed of CrossFit recovery and muscle growth, it is essential to have a strict diet meeting the bodies needs.

“A well-balanced diet towards the sport of CrossFit is very important, nutrition is going to fuel workouts,” said Nicole Saul, a CrossFit 7220 coach as well athlete. “If someone is not eating enough they cannot keep up with recovery or performance towards training.”

This is much easier said than done, meaning not the vast majority will stick to a diet and training plan consistently. Being patient is very important when it comes to results from strength and nutrition.

“I would say at least four weeks to see real results but it would be closer to six weeks to see significant results while sticking to a well-balanced training program and diet,” Saul says.

In the sport of CrossFit persistence is everything when it comes to results from workouts and nutrition.


Powerlifting is a sport many will mistake for Olympic Weightlifting. To simplify the sport, powerlifting is a testament of one’s strength amongst the squat, bench press and deadlift.

Every athlete is motivated in increasing the total amount of weight they can perform for each lift.

For powerlifting, strength is everything.  Nutrition and recovery are as essential to one’s training program in addition to strength.

I’ve always said that 50 percent of powerlifting is in the gym with training and the other 50 percent is in the kitchen,” said Riley Sanchez, manager of Laramie Fitness and an United States Powerlifting Association coach. “Without a proper diet, you are wasting time in the gym. You could be doing more harm than good towards your training without proper nutrition.”

The types of foods to eat is very important when structuring a diet. Foods to eat before training, after and throughout the day will help stimulate muscle growth and increase recovery.

“You’re going to want to eat specific foods at certain times to maximize your muscle growth in specific ways,” Sanchez states. “Eating carbohydrates before training is important towards fueling your workouts. Post workout nutrition with proteins is very essential to recover properly and build muscle. Best food sources for muscle growth would be chicken, eggs and red meats.”

With a sport structured primarily on building strength, the nutrition put into an athlete’s body will be the results that come out of it.


Bodybuilding is slightly different than CrossFit and powerlifting. Bodybuilding is a sport that is based on the muscle and symmetry of the body. Instead of focusing on improvements in performing certain exercises, it is judged on how an individual’s body will look.

“The full definition of Bodybuilding is, ‘the development and growth of the body through exercise and diet,’” said Bryan Fikes in the article What is Bodybuilding.

Nutrition is very crucial when the goal is to build the body’s muscle mass as well burning fat.

“Nutrition is the most important thing outside of sleep when it comes to bodybuilding,” said Kevin Dasis, bodybuilder as well senior at University of Wyoming. “What we eat dictates how our physique will look overall. It’s no secret that if you eat unhealthy foods frequently, your health and body will pay a price.”


Spinach, chicken and steak are essential for muscle growth and recovery.

Strength is shown to be more important than someone would think in the sport of bodybuilding.

“Strength is the most important aspect of training and bodybuilding,” Dasis states, “Without progression in weight added to the bar there isn’t enough stimulation to keep muscle protein synthesis [rebuilding of muscle tissue] at an optimal range.”

This is shown to be easier said than done. Finding proper foods to eat for increasing strength is all part of experimenting with what works best towards someone’s body.

“Food for strength, specifically, would be a carbohydrate source that can be taken up quickly before training such as a fruit,” Dasis states.

Dasis added that having a fat source to your carbs is essential before training. For example, eating a banana with peanut butter before your workouts is helpful.

Whether someone’s sport is CrossFit, powerlifting or bodybuilding, nutrition plays a critical role in success towards an athlete’s performance.

“Bodybuilding is much like any other sport,” says Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to Directly Fitness, who curated his quotes. “To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.”

In the Moment


General News Feature


“Open soul, open mind

I’m finally focused on what’s inside

I’ve gained a new perspective”

Caption: Jacob Luhrs lead singer of August Burns Red showing emotion and embracing the crowd during their set with JB Brubaker to his left. This photo was captured on February 12th at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.

This general news feature photo describes leaving your old past behind and staying true to yourself.  I came across this event by attending my all time favorite metal band August Burns Red last week. My experience of photographing this event was very difficult due to being front row and pushed around by the pit the entire duration of the show. Once Jacob Luhrs (lead singer) stepped forward on the stage close enough I was able to capture this awesome moment of passion through his lyrics. This shot was very difficult to capture due to it heavy metal is extremely fast paced and the musicians on stage rarely stay still. The only words to describe photographing this event was high energy and passion. The creative device I used for this photo was focus. Due to you can see the lead singer is focused clearly but the background is blurry.


General News Feature


“Concentration through each riff”

Caption: Lead guitarist of August Burns Red JB Brubaker, concentrates on shredding riffs during his set with bassist Dustin Davidson in the background. August Burns Red performed this set February 12th at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.

This event was from the Aggie Theatre while seeing August Burns Red last week. I stumbled upon this event by following the band and finding the concert off the app SongKick. The atmosphere of this event was extremely high energy, great heavy metal music, and fans who have a true passion for the style of music. This shot was easier to capture compared to Jacob Luhrs due to JB Brubaker is a much calmer musician on stage. In result it was very easy to capture this awesome photo of JB playing his guitar five feet from me. When photographing this event I felt a huge excitement and chills around my body to be seeing my all time favorite band live once again. The creative device I used to capture this photo was focus to keep the spotlight on JB and having the background blurred.




“Just keep pulling”

Caption: Noah Rivera, senior at the University of Wyoming, works on the rower during CrossFit 7220’s Thursday night weekly workout located in Laramie Wyoming.

CrossFit 7220 Website 

Through this sports related photo I was able to find out about this event through CrossFit 7220’s online website. The atmosphere at CrossFit 7220 was very high energy and very positive. My experience photographing this event was a little uncomfortable due to I know I wouldn’t like people taking photos of me working out but everyone seemed very interested in my blog post glorifying the sport of CrossFit. It was a little difficult to get this shot due to when rowing your body is moving very fast so to get a focused shot it took a few tries to finally capture it. I felt almost inspired when photographing this event and it made me want to attend CrossFit 7220 regularly. The creative device I used to capture this shot was viewpoint in seeing the perspective Noah has when doing his row intervals.


Non-Sports Related 


“Recovery is everything”

Caption: Tanner Luthy, senior at the University of Wyoming, stretches out after a hard workout at CrossFit 7220 on Thursday night in Laramie, WY.

In this non-sports related photo, I stumbled upon this event by attending the CrossFit 7220 class that is held for UW students every Thursday night. My experience photographing this event was very interesting by watching the various athletes warmup and workout together, almost as a team. It was very easy to get this shot compared to the other sports-related photo due to taking this photo everyone was staying still while stretching out. I felt a little uncomfortable photographing people trying to workout but all together it felt nice to get out of my comfort zone photographing. The creative device I used for this photo was feature.




“Teamwork makes the dreamwork”

Caption: University of Wyoming intramural athletes compete during a basketball game at Half Acre Gym last Sunday, February 24th.

I discovered this sports-related photo by attending Half Acre gym yesterday to get a workout in. I came across this event by being on the second floor of the gym to see the intramural teams playing in a game. The atmosphere was very competitive amongst all the students participating in the game. My experience photographing this event was very comfortable due to everyone was focused on the game so no one saw me taking photos of the players. It was easier to get this shot due to everyone was on the side of the court where I was watching the game so I didn’t have to zoom in on my camera at all. During this event I felt engaged in wanting to find more sports-related photos very similar to this one. It is very interesting to find photos that show the emotion of the players during a game. The creative device I used to get this photo was leading lines by not knowing where the line markers on the basketball court end.


What surprised me about this assignment was how difficult it was to capture the sports-related photos on my iPhone due to how quickly you have to take each photo. Most of the time the photos turned out blurry due to the focus it had on my camera. I wish I had more time to attend the sporting events on campus to capture more of the sports-related photos during this assignment. All in all I was very happy with how my photos turned out especially my general news photos.

Different Perspectives of Photography



“Through the cold our first responders are always there”

This photo means a lot to me in many ways. My brother at the moment is an EMT and working towards becoming a firefighter so this decal on my truck is for him. With the American flag having the thin red line honoring firefighters and EMT’s it is a photo that I hold close. The snow and cold weather represents no matter what the outcome of the situation is the first responders will always arrive. The creative device used in this photo is focus due to the background is blurred and the focus is on the main subject being the decal. The creative device draws attention to the viewer by having the decal stand out the most in the photo with accents to the snow. Showing it being extremely vivid and a pleasing photo for how sharp the image is and how the whiteness of the snow accidents the black and white American flag decal.



“Perfect symmetry”

This photo describes perfect symmetry by illustrating how the water beads off this large leaf so gracefully. You can pinpoint in this photo even how perfectly straight each line is by facing diagnaol to the ground. The dominant creative device in this photo is texture. The creative device draws attention to the photos focal points by having the focus of the photo be zoomed into the water and lines on the leaf. This captures the viewers attention by how illuminated the water is from the dark texture of the leaf and the light reflecting off the beads of water. To me this creates an extremely pleasing photo through the creative device showing the extreme details in the leaf. To me it is very satisfying seeing the various lines in perfect symmetry along the whole leaf which makes it a very pleasing photo.



“Tiny but painful”

This photo describes how tiny something can be but how damaging it can really be in the end. The creative device of this photo is framing due to the vase that works as a frame surrounding the cactus. The creative device used as framing draws attention by having the focus be around the thin boarder of the glass vase. It captures the viewers attention by how illuminated the white pricks on the cactus are in contrasting to the dark soil. The device used framing creates a very pleasing photo by the blue color around the vase illuminating the cactus. It makes it very interesting to look at and makes you think just how many needles the cactus really has.



“Just hanging around”

This photo describes relaxing to me by the toy lizard hanging peacefully on the tree branch. The creative device used is leading lines due to we cannot see where the end of the branches stop. The creative device leading lines captures the viewers attention by having the start of photo be the main part of the leading lines. This style of photo creates a very pleasing photo by how the toy lizard is sitting. It almost makes me want to kick back and relax on a tree as well by how perfectly placed the lizard is and the smile on its face.



“Take time to stop and smell the roses”

This photo describes what little time we have in life and how it is always important to stop and take in earths beauty of color. The creative device used in this photo is color due to the amount of vibrant colors portrayed across the whole sky in this beautiful Laramie, Wyoming sunset. This photo will draw the viewers attention by the wild orange, purple, and pink colors reflecting off the clouds that is covering the whole sky. There is no doubt this is a extremely pleasing photo. I can’t imagine anyone who sees this photo and calls it ugly. Through the dominant creative device of color this creates a extremely pleasing photo to look at and take in its beauty.

Question 3: Reflection

What surprised me most about this assignment was how many different creative devices there really are. It was difficult for me at first to understand how to take the different styles of photos but once you learn the different aspects of photography it makes taking photos extremely interesting. I wouldn’t do anything different with this assignment due to I felt I took more photos than I really needed to but it was a great experience to learn more about creative devices through photography. As well I could not find multiple creative devices shown in each photo but instead pinpointed one creative device for each photo.

Writing Style Motivators and the Blog World

There are many different styles of writing shown all around the world. Whether you are reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for a certain class, Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell for a heroic war story, or my favorite book at the moment for overcoming obstacles in life, Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.

In Goggins book he pin points in learning how to callous your mind by getting rid of weak thoughts by a stronger work ethic. Goggins uses a much different writing style then other authors. When reading his words it will make you want to jump up and go sprint a mile. I find myself reading his book for hours on end until 2 in the morning becoming extremely motivated.

With this motivator writing style Goggins has acquired in life it has become my goal to learn to write with the same method. Motivating others is something I hold very close to myself. There is something about watching others grow in life that is truly satisfying to me. With this course I hope to learn these different skills and concepts on how to structure my writing style in reflection of Goggins.


Photo of David Goggins During Ultra Marathon

This motivator style of writing would be a skill I would like to acquire from this course. Learning different ways to persuade individuals to be motivated by the words I am writing.

My readers are probably wondering why I picked outdoor patio, hearth, and grilling as the main topic of my blog. This is a topic I am very interested to write about due to the field of work I want to go into once I graduate. Once graduating my goal is to work as a writer or in the sales department for a certain outdoor furniture and grilling company. I love everything about hanging outside on the patio and barbecuing any chance I can get. It is even a greater feeling being able to write upon this great hobby of grilling I have.

It is a motivator of mine to practice more frequently regarding how to write pertaining the field of outdoor furniture and grilling. Through this course I want to practice my skills on writing towards the outdoor furniture and grilling world.

Certain events I will be wanting to write about would be certain grilling competitions around Laramie or as close by as possible. With grilling being at a high demand in Laramie it is perfect to locate events nearby and capture the stories on my blog.

With a lot happening in the outdoor grilling world there are many updates occurring with the various changes towards products as well in business. It would be very interesting to me to report upon the differences of the Traeger pellet grill and the Pit Boss pellet grill. Having recently Joe Traeger of Traeger grills leaving the company to partner and work with Pit Boss. This would be great material to report upon Joe Traeger and share on my blog posts what is happening on the business end of the outdoor grilling world.


Meats Cooking on the Traeger