Social Media Promotion

A) I have used Instagram since I was 15 years old and normally have posted the average pictures on my profile. On my profile I would post family, friends, or vacations I have been on. I have used Instagram for promotional reasons before, but not to this extent. I was the head of social media for UW’s powerlifting team Northman Power, but promotion on that page was much different than this assignment.

This was my first time using Canva, but the experience was very enjoyable in my opinion. Creating your own advertisement for a photo that you personally captured made you proud of the finished work. Getting the hang of using Canva took some time, but the app is very easy to use after some practice.

B) Promotional strategies I aimed for when creating my Instagram post related to the fonts and colors towards my Canva post. The photo I used was from a metal concert at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO. The font I used was more squared off to give it a sharper look relating to the atmosphere. Since the photo was a very dark shot I decided to use white as my text color, so the words would really pop across the picture.

C) Using Instagram to promote each of my blog post was much more challenging than I anticipated. With each caption and photo, you really have to break down the approach you would like to take. You want to gain your audience’s attention, but not have a very average post for promoting each photo.


D) What surprised me in this assignment was researching hashtags to see which tags work best to promote each photo accordingly. With having a fitness promotional post, I used hashtags such as #training to promote my post. The training hashtag had 86.5 million posts to go along with it, so it was a very valuable hashtag to use in promoting my post.

E) I see myself using social media very often in my professional future. I would like to go into the line of work of sales or journalism, so social media could play a big role in promoting the company I will work for. Social media being at an all time high right now and continuing to grow will serve as a great platform to use in business in the future.

I have listed a screenshot of my Instagram page above, as well have attached the link to My Instagram Profile here.


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