In the Moment


General News Feature


“Open soul, open mind

I’m finally focused on what’s inside

I’ve gained a new perspective”

Caption: Jacob Luhrs lead singer of August Burns Red showing emotion and embracing the crowd during their set with JB Brubaker to his left. This photo was captured on February 12th at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.

This general news feature photo describes leaving your old past behind and staying true to yourself.  I came across this event by attending my all time favorite metal band August Burns Red last week. My experience of photographing this event was very difficult due to being front row and pushed around by the pit the entire duration of the show. Once Jacob Luhrs (lead singer) stepped forward on the stage close enough I was able to capture this awesome moment of passion through his lyrics. This shot was very difficult to capture due to it heavy metal is extremely fast paced and the musicians on stage rarely stay still. The only words to describe photographing this event was high energy and passion. The creative device I used for this photo was focus. Due to you can see the lead singer is focused clearly but the background is blurry.


General News Feature


“Concentration through each riff”

Caption: Lead guitarist of August Burns Red JB Brubaker, concentrates on shredding riffs during his set with bassist Dustin Davidson in the background. August Burns Red performed this set February 12th at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.

This event was from the Aggie Theatre while seeing August Burns Red last week. I stumbled upon this event by following the band and finding the concert off the app SongKick. The atmosphere of this event was extremely high energy, great heavy metal music, and fans who have a true passion for the style of music. This shot was easier to capture compared to Jacob Luhrs due to JB Brubaker is a much calmer musician on stage. In result it was very easy to capture this awesome photo of JB playing his guitar five feet from me. When photographing this event I felt a huge excitement and chills around my body to be seeing my all time favorite band live once again. The creative device I used to capture this photo was focus to keep the spotlight on JB and having the background blurred.




“Just keep pulling”

Caption: Noah Rivera, senior at the University of Wyoming, works on the rower during CrossFit 7220’s Thursday night weekly workout located in Laramie Wyoming.

CrossFit 7220 Website 

Through this sports related photo I was able to find out about this event through CrossFit 7220’s online website. The atmosphere at CrossFit 7220 was very high energy and very positive. My experience photographing this event was a little uncomfortable due to I know I wouldn’t like people taking photos of me working out but everyone seemed very interested in my blog post glorifying the sport of CrossFit. It was a little difficult to get this shot due to when rowing your body is moving very fast so to get a focused shot it took a few tries to finally capture it. I felt almost inspired when photographing this event and it made me want to attend CrossFit 7220 regularly. The creative device I used to capture this shot was viewpoint in seeing the perspective Noah has when doing his row intervals.


Non-Sports Related 


“Recovery is everything”

Caption: Tanner Luthy, senior at the University of Wyoming, stretches out after a hard workout at CrossFit 7220 on Thursday night in Laramie, WY.

In this non-sports related photo, I stumbled upon this event by attending the CrossFit 7220 class that is held for UW students every Thursday night. My experience photographing this event was very interesting by watching the various athletes warmup and workout together, almost as a team. It was very easy to get this shot compared to the other sports-related photo due to taking this photo everyone was staying still while stretching out. I felt a little uncomfortable photographing people trying to workout but all together it felt nice to get out of my comfort zone photographing. The creative device I used for this photo was feature.




“Teamwork makes the dreamwork”

Caption: University of Wyoming intramural athletes compete during a basketball game at Half Acre Gym last Sunday, February 24th.

I discovered this sports-related photo by attending Half Acre gym yesterday to get a workout in. I came across this event by being on the second floor of the gym to see the intramural teams playing in a game. The atmosphere was very competitive amongst all the students participating in the game. My experience photographing this event was very comfortable due to everyone was focused on the game so no one saw me taking photos of the players. It was easier to get this shot due to everyone was on the side of the court where I was watching the game so I didn’t have to zoom in on my camera at all. During this event I felt engaged in wanting to find more sports-related photos very similar to this one. It is very interesting to find photos that show the emotion of the players during a game. The creative device I used to get this photo was leading lines by not knowing where the line markers on the basketball court end.


What surprised me about this assignment was how difficult it was to capture the sports-related photos on my iPhone due to how quickly you have to take each photo. Most of the time the photos turned out blurry due to the focus it had on my camera. I wish I had more time to attend the sporting events on campus to capture more of the sports-related photos during this assignment. All in all I was very happy with how my photos turned out especially my general news photos.

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