Quality Over Quantity


For many serious athletes all around the globe, they have all at least once dealt with inconvenient commercial gyms and their pointless policies. For those who don’t know what a commercial gym is, they are standard training facilities for your everyday gym attendee. These gyms are the 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness chains. Travis Hiner a novice powerlifter as well Torrance, California local states, “Commercial gyms rarely have weights organized and equipment will remain broken for extended periods of time.” In Los Angeles, CA there are many gyms all around, but there are some gyms that individuals shouldn’t even step foot in the door. This blog post will provide valuable information on which gyms in Los Angeles are the best to attend over your everyday commercial gym. The information listed will be relevant to serious athletes looking to leave the commercial gym setting and find a new gym that fits their training needs. I have created a Google My Map that pin points five of the greatest training facilities located in Los Angeles from personal experience. I have been to many gyms all around Los Angeles, many gyms to remember and many gyms to forget. I have broken down the five training facilities I found to be the best to attend over a standard commercial gym.

South Bay Strength Company


Summer 2018, at South Bay Strength. One of the many motivational quotes on the walls in the gym.

South Bay Strength is a newly opened training facility that is targeted towards some of the strongest powerlifters and bodybuilders around the South Bay. With the gym being placed in an old department store, it is crammed tight of barbells and extremely loud music bouncing off the walls. The gym is open 24/7 to the public and once a member you are granted a key to the facility. Whether it is 11:00p.m. or 5:00a.m., if you are a member, then South bay Strength is open for you. Hiner states, “Almost every barbell, band and chain can be found in South Bay Strength. Serious lifters train here. Play your own music and be as loud as you’d like.” This is a gym that was created to be the opposite of your average commercial gym.


Barbell Brigade


Myself standing in front of the iconic Barbell Brigade gym logo. At the gym training during summer of 2016.

Barbell Brigade is considered as the Disneyland of a training facility geared towards powerlifting and olympic lifting. It is a hot spot for top ranked powerlifters to attend regularly for training sessions. The gym is very well known to be one of the first powerlifting and olympic lifting targeted gyms in Los Angeles. With multiple barbells, deadlift platforms and even a turf field, it is an ideal gym for a well-rounded athlete to attend. It as well is a very motivating gym to be in, while training amongst some of the best powerlifters in the world.


Metroflex Gym


Summer 2017, in front of my favorite wall art in Metroflex. Verse Philippians 4:13 quoted in the painting.

Metroflex has been well known for many years to come. The first Metroflex that opened was in Arlington, Texas and is still considered one of the hardest gyms around. Long Beach Metroflex is extremely similar to the original. With the gym being built in an old warehouse, it is dirty, loud and offers all old school equipment to be used. Metroflex isn’t just geared towards powerlifters or bodybuilders. With a MMA fighting octagon located in the middle of the gym, as well atlas stones and tractor tires in the back for the strongmen, Metroflex is a gym that offers a hardcore atmosphere for all different training styles. Anyone who is looking for a well-rounded gym that is open to all styles of training, then Metroflex is for you.



Iron Addicts Gym


Summer 2018, in Iron Addicts Gym during a training session. One of the many great quotes on their walls.

Iron Addicts can be described by one person and one person only, CT Fletcher. For those who do not know who CT is, he is a man who has held many world recorders in the bench press, as well the strict curl. He is one of the most inspiring and motivating people in the fitness industry. CT created Iron Addicts to provide a hardcore training atmosphere to the public that he enjoys. Iron Addicts goal is to be the complete opposite of a commercial gym. It is dirty, loud and uses old school beat up equipment to give everyone a hardcore feel for the gym. With Iron Addicts intense atmosphere, it is a gym that doesn’t have a special spa bathroom to enjoy after every training day. It is a gym to push the body beyond limits and the only reward granted after a workout is to have the opportunity to do it all over again tomorrow.


Gold’s Gym Venice


Myself and my father standing in front of the legendary Gold’s Gym logo. In the gym training during summer of 2016.

Gold’s Gym Venice is known as the meca for bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the face behind what Gold’s Gym is about. If you know Arnold’s story in bodybuilding and his intense training methods, then you could imagine what Gold’s Gym atmosphere has to offer. With part of the gym located outside, it is a perfect place for a summer workout under the sun. With Gold’s various equipment and intense crowd, it is a great place for bodybuilders all around to enjoy a workout. With many bodybuilders’ alike in a single place, it makes for a great atmosphere instead of being a singled out athlete in a regular commercial gym.


Commercial gyms can be inconvenient to attend with the various rules they have against heavy lifting, chalk and even grunting. Hiner states, “In my opinion, a hardcore training facility is a place where people go to lift their hearts out and push themselves beyond their limits.” With the five gyms I have listed above from personal experience, they will not hold your workouts back with pointless policies. Gyms with experienced athletes who attend regularly, will only benefit you to expand knowledge and increase progress in your fitness goals. The next time you or someone is thinking about joining or switching to a hardcore gym in the Los Angeles area, refer to the Google My Map for locations.

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