Tweeting in Action

Dave Barry’s Talk Review:

Twitter has been shown to be used all around the world and even a big factor now in presidential elections. People will use Twitter to let their voices be heard, or to report upon certain events. This assignment required picking a certain event at the University of Wyoming campus and reporting ten tweets at that event. The event I reported on was award-winning author Dave Barry. University of Wyoming Libraries honored Dave Barry, as well hosted a book signing after his talk. Dave Barry presented on April 18th at 1:30p.m. in the Wyoming union ballroom. Tweets regarding Dave Barry’s talk is located on my Twitter page.

I decided to use a promotional approach on this assignment due to this being a speaking event. I felt it would make more sense and flow my tweets better if it was promotional over a journalistic approach. Having my tweets not be cheerleading the event, but more reporting what is actually happening during the talk.

With this assignment, I enjoyed attending a UW event other than a sporting event. The only events on campus I will attend are football or basketball games. This definitely was a change up to my normal campus attendance and I truly enjoyed hearing Dave Barry speak. The one thing I did not enjoy was the interviews. It felt a bit awkward asking two random people to share their thoughts on the event. This was probably good for me to get out of my comfort zone but it was still a little uncomfortable to do. After the interviews were complete, I felt much better towards the assignment and the talk going forward.

What I learned during this assignment, was that Dave Barry has a much older audience than I would have thought. Being in the ballroom, I was the only person under 50 years’ old which made me feel a little out of place. I as well learned how to structure promotional style tweets. I have never done a promotional style tweet so this was a big learning experience for me. What surprised me was how quick you can miss a great quote a speaker says when live tweeting. Instead of listening to the talk as well being on my phone to write tweets, I had to take notes on paper of what the speaker was saying before I made a live tweet. What I wish I could have done differently was finding a better event to attend. Due to I felt the content and humor was way out of my age range. When people around me would laugh at the jokes Dave Barry said, I would not understand the sense of humor. It definitely was an interesting talk to attend, but if I were to do something differently next time it would be to research a speaker more in depth to find one that interest me more and fits my age group.

In my future career, whether it is going into PR, sales, or journalism I can see social media playing a large part. With today’s day and age, everyone has some sort of a social media account. It is a big way many people will communicate and stay up to date with each other in business as well socially. When talking to my father regarding his business, he told me that almost everything is done through email or social media. Through this new style of business, I can see social media playing a huge role, whether to communicate with customers or compete against other competitors. Social media is only growing bigger every day, so it would be very important to use social media in the future career field I go towards.

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