An Impactful Experience at a Young Age

Raw audio recording of Tony Ramos, my father regarding his experience during his sophomore year playing high school football:

Revised Audio Recording of Tony Ramos:


My interviewing experience was very interesting and pushed me a little out of my comfort zone using the audio recorder. I decided to interview my dad, due to he has some of the greatest stories from his childhood. I knew after hearing about this assignment that he would be perfect to tell a story that influenced his life.

Compared to interviewing a stranger, the tension was lifted a little when sitting down with my father. This helped the interview process go a little easier, but using the audio recorder was a little different then a normal face to face interview.

Using an audio recorder makes the interview seem a little tense in my opinion. It makes the interviewer a little uncomfortable by having everything they say on record. My audio editing experience was difficult due to this was my first time ever editing an audio clip.

In my audio editing experience, I did enjoy cutting the interview down from five minutes to two minutes. Playing around with cutting and zooming the clip was fun to change the interview in the ways I felt were the best parts of the story. It definitely is an art and a skill to edit audio clips and I hope to gain more experience in the future in editing.


My father, Tony Ramos after our interview. Taking the portrait photo was very easy and turned out great to show his personality in the audio recording.

Nothing really surprised me during this assignment except for how much actual time it takes to edit the raw audio clip. Cutting three minutes down from a five-minute interview was difficult due to there was some material I did not want to take out of the interview. Once the clip was finished though I couldn’t be happier with the final audio clip.

The main thing I wish I did differently was knowing about the introduction for my interviewer before recording. I conducted my interview in California over spring break, so I won’t be able to get another face to face interview with my dad. This was my fault by missing this information when reading the rubric. I decided to do the introduction myself as best as possible and just be docked a few points towards my final grade.

Something else I wished I did differently is knowing how to work GarageBand prior to this assignment. Being new to this app it was difficult to operate at first, but knowing more about the editing process beforehand would have saved me time, as well maybe even a better outcome to my audio recording.

I defiantly want to continue using audio in my future career. My goal in the near future is to be working in journalism or sales regarding outdoor furniture and grills. In this industry there aren’t many podcast by manufactures or publishers. I want to be someone to start a podcast regarding outdoor patio furniture and grilling and speak to different manufactures about their products on my podcast. Most of the information found on outdoor patio furniture and grilling are all through magazines or online articles. A podcast would provide a greater target audience to those who rather listen over reading. It as well produces more content for the industry which is a huge help for the manufactures who are selling their products. All together I felt this was a great assignment and I gained a lot of experience doing my audio recording, as well editing.

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