Different Perspectives of Photography



“Through the cold our first responders are always there”

This photo means a lot to me in many ways. My brother at the moment is an EMT and working towards becoming a firefighter so this decal on my truck is for him. With the American flag having the thin red line honoring firefighters and EMT’s it is a photo that I hold close. The snow and cold weather represents no matter what the outcome of the situation is the first responders will always arrive. The creative device used in this photo is focus due to the background is blurred and the focus is on the main subject being the decal. The creative device draws attention to the viewer by having the decal stand out the most in the photo with accents to the snow. Showing it being extremely vivid and a pleasing photo for how sharp the image is and how the whiteness of the snow accidents the black and white American flag decal.



“Perfect symmetry”

This photo describes perfect symmetry by illustrating how the water beads off this large leaf so gracefully. You can pinpoint in this photo even how perfectly straight each line is by facing diagnaol to the ground. The dominant creative device in this photo is texture. The creative device draws attention to the photos focal points by having the focus of the photo be zoomed into the water and lines on the leaf. This captures the viewers attention by how illuminated the water is from the dark texture of the leaf and the light reflecting off the beads of water. To me this creates an extremely pleasing photo through the creative device showing the extreme details in the leaf. To me it is very satisfying seeing the various lines in perfect symmetry along the whole leaf which makes it a very pleasing photo.



“Tiny but painful”

This photo describes how tiny something can be but how damaging it can really be in the end. The creative device of this photo is framing due to the vase that works as a frame surrounding the cactus. The creative device used as framing draws attention by having the focus be around the thin boarder of the glass vase. It captures the viewers attention by how illuminated the white pricks on the cactus are in contrasting to the dark soil. The device used framing creates a very pleasing photo by the blue color around the vase illuminating the cactus. It makes it very interesting to look at and makes you think just how many needles the cactus really has.



“Just hanging around”

This photo describes relaxing to me by the toy lizard hanging peacefully on the tree branch. The creative device used is leading lines due to we cannot see where the end of the branches stop. The creative device leading lines captures the viewers attention by having the start of photo be the main part of the leading lines. This style of photo creates a very pleasing photo by how the toy lizard is sitting. It almost makes me want to kick back and relax on a tree as well by how perfectly placed the lizard is and the smile on its face.



“Take time to stop and smell the roses”

This photo describes what little time we have in life and how it is always important to stop and take in earths beauty of color. The creative device used in this photo is color due to the amount of vibrant colors portrayed across the whole sky in this beautiful Laramie, Wyoming sunset. This photo will draw the viewers attention by the wild orange, purple, and pink colors reflecting off the clouds that is covering the whole sky. There is no doubt this is a extremely pleasing photo. I can’t imagine anyone who sees this photo and calls it ugly. Through the dominant creative device of color this creates a extremely pleasing photo to look at and take in its beauty.

Question 3: Reflection

What surprised me most about this assignment was how many different creative devices there really are. It was difficult for me at first to understand how to take the different styles of photos but once you learn the different aspects of photography it makes taking photos extremely interesting. I wouldn’t do anything different with this assignment due to I felt I took more photos than I really needed to but it was a great experience to learn more about creative devices through photography. As well I could not find multiple creative devices shown in each photo but instead pinpointed one creative device for each photo.

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