Writing Style Motivators and the Blog World

There are many different styles of writing shown all around the world. Whether you are reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for a certain class, Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell for a heroic war story, or my favorite book at the moment for overcoming obstacles in life, Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.

In Goggins book he pin points in learning how to callous your mind by getting rid of weak thoughts by a stronger work ethic. Goggins uses a much different writing style then other authors. When reading his words it will make you want to jump up and go sprint a mile. I find myself reading his book for hours on end until 2 in the morning becoming extremely motivated.

With this motivator writing style Goggins has acquired in life it has become my goal to learn to write with the same method. Motivating others is something I hold very close to myself. There is something about watching others grow in life that is truly satisfying to me. With this course I hope to learn these different skills and concepts on how to structure my writing style in reflection of Goggins.


Photo of David Goggins During Ultra Marathon

This motivator style of writing would be a skill I would like to acquire from this course. Learning different ways to persuade individuals to be motivated by the words I am writing.

My readers are probably wondering why I picked outdoor patio, hearth, and grilling as the main topic of my blog. This is a topic I am very interested to write about due to the field of work I want to go into once I graduate. Once graduating my goal is to work as a writer or in the sales department for a certain outdoor furniture and grilling company. I love everything about hanging outside on the patio and barbecuing any chance I can get. It is even a greater feeling being able to write upon this great hobby of grilling I have.

It is a motivator of mine to practice more frequently regarding how to write pertaining the field of outdoor furniture and grilling. Through this course I want to practice my skills on writing towards the outdoor furniture and grilling world.

Certain events I will be wanting to write about would be certain grilling competitions around Laramie or as close by as possible. With grilling being at a high demand in Laramie it is perfect to locate events nearby and capture the stories on my blog.

With a lot happening in the outdoor grilling world there are many updates occurring with the various changes towards products as well in business. It would be very interesting to me to report upon the differences of the Traeger pellet grill and the Pit Boss pellet grill. Having recently Joe Traeger of Traeger grills leaving the company to partner and work with Pit Boss. This would be great material to report upon Joe Traeger and share on my blog posts what is happening on the business end of the outdoor grilling world.


Meats Cooking on the Traeger



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