The Strongest Gym in Laramie

  1. Image-18With this assignment we were given the opportunity to make a video towards a specific event or short story. We were given the chance to either do a promotional or journalistic approach to our video. The story needed to cover a specific topic and required two interviews minimum to describe the video’s content. The event we reported on was the new addition at the local gym in town Laramie Fitness. We took a promotional approach to this story and promoted the gyms new addition and throughout the video explain what the new addition has to offer.


  1. Image-17I enjoyed mainly conducting the interviews and covering a story I was very interested in. Laramie Fitness is a fantastic gym for all athletes and the new addition is second to none. It was very useful using I Movie and I loved playing around with the video edits to let our interviewers tell the story. It almost made you feel like you created a finished work of art after all the edits were complete. What I did not enjoy was having to teach myself everything about using I Movie from the beginning. This was my first time using the software and I really was just guessing on how to edit and cut all my clips. It caused the process to be a lot longer than it needed to be, but the next time I make a video I will have a very clear understanding to how to use I Movie.


  1. What surprised me was how long it really takes to put together a solid video. Time was very valuable during this process and I did not realize how much time it would truly take to make a complete video with all the edits it required. What I wish I could have done differently is have used I Movie earlier, so the process of editing would have gone much smoother. Other than that I was very happy with how my first video turned out and felt it was very informative and told a very interesting story, as well promoted the new addition to Laramie Fitness very well.


  1. In my future career I see myself using video for many promotional reasons. With going into publishing or sales after graduation, I see myself using video to promote the company I am working for. I may not be the one editing and putting together the video, but I could see myself being the one to conduct interviews. By having this experience, I plan and want to use video much more in the career field I land in.

Here is the link to our Laramie Fitness Promotional Video.


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